Fonte da Telha

Fonte Telha no wind :(
Great spot for new or advanced riders. Sandy beach with some small waves to have fun, and 200m of dedicated area for kitesurfing. More kitesurf specific conditions in construction, but the restaurant is already working for eat, drink or just take a rest!

Nova Vaga beach

Nova Vaga beach
Water: The waves are not too big when the wind is best, but it can reach up to 3-4 meters in a good swell. It depends on the tide, there is a big amplitude in tide change. It is quite shallow on low tide and the wave break far from shore and the opposite happens with high tide. In winter, big waves. In summer 1-1.5 m sometimes 2m (not often) good swell from West. Surfing off-season at your risk, because there is no rescue and the waves are big. Beach: Awesome beach, soft sand without any kind of rock, shells or pebbles, a lot of space so all the crowd can ride safely. Big sand dunes to get to the sea front and about 50 meters of sand from the dunes to the water front. Weather: Summer: air around 28-36ºC, water around 20°C, no wetsuit or shortie. Winter: air from 5-15ºC, water about 15°C, 3mm wetsuit. Summer goes from the beginning of March to the end of September.
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